Looking Back at 2022

Considering how difficult 2022 was for me, I’m surprised and pleased that I was able to read as much as I did. And I certainly enjoyed and appreciated everything I read! Some of my reading was for pure escape. Some of my choices were made to help me understand better what my husband and I were going through with his medical journey. Some of the books were like a lifeline for me. All of it important reading in one way or another, but here are my top 5 favorites of the year.

  • The Birthday of the World, by Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen, touched my heart with kindness and hope.
  • A Peaceful Retirement, by Miss Read, was the final book in her Fairacre series that I have been reading slowly over the years, enjoying immensely.
  • Persuasion, by Jane Austen, is my favorite of her books, and it was pure solace to read it again.
  • The Light We Carry, by Michelle Obama, filled my heart with hope, and has inspired me to pick up my knitting again!

But my favorite book of the year was a slim book of poetry that spoke directly to my broken heart. Living Without the One You Cannot Live Without was written by Natasha Josefowitz, just before and after the death of her husband, and it is the story of her loss and grief. I don’t know when I have ever connected so closely with a book. Her words described my own experience, and have given me a glimpse into the pathway that is unfolding in front of me. Her poetry now is a companion on my own journey, and I am so grateful that she was able to share her grief so honestly and with such elegant simplicity.

It is hard for me to say goodbye to 2022, but I look forward to another year of reading discoveries and connections, and for time spent with friends and loved ones sharing the books we are reading.

May you all have a healthy and happy 2023 filled with love and joy, and good reading!

10 thoughts on “Looking Back at 2022

  1. iliana

    How wonderful that we can find books to carry us through the difficult moments. You’ve definitely had such a difficult year and I hope this year brings you comfort and peace. Wishing you many good reads this year!

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    1. Robin Post author

      You are so right, Iliana. Those books do carry us through the difficult times. Thank you for your kind wishes, and I wish for you the same — many good reads and a wonderful year!


  2. Lesley

    I’m so glad that you were not only able to continue with your reading, but able to find sources of comfort and inspiration during the past year, Robin. Natasha Josefowitz’s book sounds like a gem, and it might make for a good gift for someone new to widowhood.

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    1. Robin Post author

      Les, I think that’s a great idea. It’s been a reminder that women have gone through this before me, that I am not alone in this journey, and that everything I am feeling is a normal part of this life experience.



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