Byron’s Books

Byron at the bookstore…

My husband, Byron, was a constant reader, and for almost 54 years we shared and talked about books. Although we often read very different things, we always enjoyed talking about what we were reading and the ideas, or the beautiful writing, that impressed us. For those of you who are new to my blog, I lost Byron to cancer in September. It’s a difficult loss in so many ways, but to lose a precious reading partner is really hard. However, when I look at his shelves, at his collection of books, at his favorite book, at the last book he gave me, or at the last book he was reading…I find so many wonderful things to read now in his honor. I continue to be inspired by him and by his reading choices. My beloved reading partner lives on in my heart, and he continues to expand and enrich my reading world.

I’ve created a new category on my blog called “Byron’s Books” so that those posts are easier for me to find. To honor his memory and his love of reading, those posts will include reviews of his books as I read them, quotes he kept in his notebooks, lists he made, and other memories of his reading life over the years. 

Byron’s corner … one of his bookshelves.

13 thoughts on “Byron’s Books

  1. kaysreadinglife

    Oh, Robin, this is lovely. I feel that we are honored that you will share your journey and ‘Byron’s Books’ with all of us. It’s very, very special. Take care, friend.

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  2. Susan

    I found your blog through my friend Lisa (I also just read Snow Country, and I thank you for the link to the film!). This was a such a moving post. I’m sorry for your loss. I think it’s so sweet that your husband also enjoyed reading and that you two could discuss your reading together. This is a wonderful tribute!



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