Just Not Reading Much

One Step at a Time…

Hello, my friends. I’m checking in with you this afternoon to let you know that I’m getting along okay. I’ve given myself some time away from both reading and writing about my reading, but I have tried to keep up with many of you on social media, which seems to fit my fractured focus better right now.

After a strong start to my reading year, I just found it too difficult to read in February and March. I’ve been listening to a lot of music (such a pleasure) and watching some new-to-me series on TV (always enjoyable). Just not reading much.

Now that April has arrived, I’m feeling less fractured. Getting outside for walks and to work in the garden a little bit, feels so good! It’s just what is needed despite how very wet it is here in the Pacific Northwest this year!

The cartoon at the top of this post really speaks to who I am and what I am doing these days. “Baby steps” is my motto. I’m slowly getting back to some things, and slowly climbing into new territory. I am also finding myself thinking about some of the stories I have been able to read or listen to recently, so perhaps there’s a blog post brewing.

My gratitude is huge for all the love and kindness that surrounds me during this time of bereavement, and I have realized how many people are suffering their own losses, and my heart goes out to each of them.

I hope that your Spring is full of really good books and stories, and that you all stay healthy and happy.




7 thoughts on “Just Not Reading Much

  1. Nan

    I’m not on any social media other than blogs, so I really am happy to hear from you.
    I think this is the way of life for now, and for more or less for who knows how long. We cannot “get over” (how I hate that phrase) serious, sorrowful, unchanging situations. I like how you wrote “slowly climbing into new territory”. You are really eloquent describing this place you find yourself in. I think it may help others going through it to understand their own feelings. Please just know I am always here to listen and to care for you.


  2. The Cue Card

    It is good to see your words and hear how you are. I think May might be better too to be in the garden. Just little steps is enough. And little things. like the sun, the dogs, and the garden. be kind to yourself.


  3. iliana

    I’m so glad to see a post from you and I just wanted to send you a big hug. One step at a time sounds like a good approach. Wishing you a sweet spring so you can enjoy the little things!


  4. Fanda Classiclit

    It’s good to see you again on the blogosphere, Robin! Have been wondering how you have been. A little step at a time is the best way to catch things up. Sending you hugs and smiles… ❤ ^_^


  5. Lesley

    I hope May (and the sunshine that is bound to arrive!) will be a better month for you, Robin. Being able to get outside and dig in the garden, as well as go for long walks, is good for the heart. Music and tv are also good distractions when it’s too difficult to focus on your books. As my dad (and now his widow) used to say to me, you never get over the loss of loved one. All you can do is lean into your grief; eventually the sadness won’t always be so overwhelming, and you’ll learn to laugh once again. xoxo



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