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I have discovered a new love: Kimchi.  My knowledge about kimchi was minimal, so when I found The Kimchi Cookbook, by Lauryn Chun and Olga Massov, I checked it out of the library to learn more about this delicious subject. This was a fun cookbook to read because it was a complete education on the subject, not just a book of recipes. I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever attempt to make my own kimchi, but I’m loving trying it out with new recipes and adding it to things I already eat. (A melted cheese sandwich with kimchi is a winner here!)

Current Reads

painting by Edward B. Gordon

I always seem to be reading a number of books and audiobooks at the same time. Fifty years ago, I would be bent on finishing one book before starting another, but today, in the age of numerous devices, I have a book that I am listening to on my phone, another book on my Kindle, a real actual book-book from the library/bookstore or off my shelves, and a cookbook on my iPad. It’s a bit on the ridiculous side, really, but that’s my reading life these days.

Audiobook that I’m listening to on my phone:  Devil in a Blue Dress, by Walter Mosely, which I’m reading for the RIP-XVI challenge.

My current Kindle book:  Bronze and Sunflower, by Cao Wenxuan.

Current actual Book:  Summer at Fairacre, by Miss Read.

E-book on my iPad:  The Kimchi Cookbook, by Lauryn Chun.

Shall I admit to being a fractured/scattered reader, or should I call myself “well-rounded?”