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Book Match

A few weeks ago I received an email from my beloved KCLS (King County Library System). They have started up a new program called “Book Match.” You fill out a short questionnaire about your reading interests, listing favorite books and authors. Then, a librarian reviews that information and hand picks some books you might  enjoy, and sends you your own personalized reading recommendations!

Yesterday, I received the nicest email from librarian, Michelle, who told me she enjoyed putting my list together, named the list “Excellent Stories, Excellent Writers”, and hoped I would like the recommendations. I was thrilled with the list and with what felt like having my very own librarian!  Here’s a screen shot of her recommendations. I’m going to enjoy reading these selections!

Book Match for me

Rereading Rosamunde


At my local library yesterday, I found this photo and quote on the back of one of the Rosamunde Pilcher collection. I really liked it, although I didn’t just discover this favorite author of mine. I found her years ago, read as many of her books as I could find, and loved them. Her book, The Shell Seekers, is one of my all-time favorites.  I recently discovered that her books and short stories are now available on Kindle, so I decided to give myself a treat and re-read them all. What a lovely thing to do for myself!

What do I love about her books? I enjoy her characters who, to me, seem like real people with real emotions. I love her landscapes, beautifully described. They make me want to spend time in Cornwall and London and Scotland, and when reading her books, I feel like I’m there! I really like her ideas about families and loved ones. There are blood families and there are chosen families, and I love that many of her characters find and surround themselves with the people who really mean something in their lives. And, finally, I simply love being part of each of the little worlds she creates in her books and stories.

I’m enjoying this re-reading, and will probably read them again in another few years! I obviously agree with the statement “now that I’ve found her, I’m not going to let her go!”

From the Archives: Click on the highlighted title to read a post I wrote about her in 2007… The Gentle Books of Rosamunde Pilcher



Today’s topic for The Estella Society’s bookish photo-a-day challenge is “Library.” My “new” library is within walking distance of our new home in Oregon. It reminds me a lot of the little library I spent so much time in when I was little…a small library with a wonderful collection and a big heart!


#EstellaGram – 22 “Library”

Re-Run: Boxing Up My Class Library

Five years ago, I wrote a post called “Boxing Up the Class Library” about finishing a school year and boxing up all my books and materials because of a big change in my teaching situation.  This week has been a re-run of that time, busy with the end-of-the-year activities AND boxing all my books and materials so that I can move to a different classroom (although not to a new grade level this time).

It’s a huge job to pack a library, but yesterday I had some wonderful help.  A Dad who volunteers frequently in our school, came in and asked if I needed help. I looked longingly at my class library, and he got to work immediately. Except…he didn’t just throw the books in boxes (as I would have done), he ORGANIZED them into boxes by size and genre. As the kids and I went through our last full day of school, I watched him work and thanked my lucky stars for this sweet, organized man!  In the Fall, when it comes time to unbox these books and set up the class library in my new classroom, it will be a DREAM LIBRARY, organized beyond anything I’ve ever been able to manage myself!

One more interesting piece to this story…my volunteer was Roger Goodman, our Representative to the State Legislature. This is a man who cares deeply about children, schools, education! He’s an active Dad in our school, and shows how much he cares about all of us by his consistent volunteerism and support. He gets my vote…and a big hug for doing such a huge job in my classroom yesterday!

A Library with a Great Big Heart

photo by Pasi Aalto

Knowing how much I love libraries, this morning my architect husband showed me an article from an online architecture journal he receives every day, ArchDaily. The article was about an amazing and beautiful library designed for the Safe Haven Orphanage in Thailand. It’s a must-see for all of us who love books and libraries, and children.

The project was designed by a group of architecture students in Norway, affiliated with the non-profit humanitarian architectural firm, TYIN tegnestue, a firm that specializes in building projects that improve the lives of people in difficult circumstances. It was built over a two-week period of time in January, 2009.

The beautiful photos are by Pasi Aalto, who was one of the student architects on the project. He kindly gave me permission to show some of them in this post, but be sure to visit his own web site to see more photos of the project.  Also, click on the link below to see the architectural journal article about it. And then, just for fun, click on the YouTube link to see a time-lapse film of the project being built. It’s quite an amazing structure, a wonderful humanitarian project, and a beautiful little library with a great big heart.

photo by Pasi Aalto

Bibliotek, Safe Haven Orphanage, Ban Tha Song Yang, Thailand, photo by Pasi Aalto