Reading Journeys

“Reading Journeys” is a list of personal projects I have set for myself over the years. It’s fun to set some personal challenges with no time constraints and to travel a different direction for awhile.  Please click on the title of each journey to see my list of books read and books I intend to read along each path.

Journey 1:  May Sunshine Light Your Day, (an ongoing personal project)

May Sunshine Light Your Day...

May Sunshine Light Your Day…

When November arrives in the Pacific Northwest, it brings deep darkness and rain. Most of us living here actually like the rain and understand Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s advice: “The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.” But that doesn’t mean we don’t long for sunshine on those long, dark, wintery days. One of my favorite things to do in winter, on a dark and dreary day, is to read a book that takes place in sunnier climates. I love to immerse myself in the written sunlight, and then look up to be startled by the dark contrast outside my window…

Journey 2:  B’s Reading Challenge, (an ongoing personal challenge)

B and R

B and R

To paraphrase Jane Austen, B has been “my constant companion for these 38 years.” We’ve influenced each other tremendously and shared many things during those years, but as readers we have always been on two independent paths…

Journey 3:  Reading Pearl, (an ongoing personal challenge)

Personal Challenge

A Personal Challenge

The little book I reviewed last week, Christmas Day in the Morning, reminded me how much I love the work of Pearl S. Buck.  Her writing is so beautiful and her stories so compelling, whether written for adults or children.  She’s an absolute favorite, and I decided that during this coming year I will give myself the gift of reading more of her work…

Journey 4: My 50 Classics, (an ongoing personal challenge)


…So I decided to make a list of books I’d like to read or re-read now that I actually have some serious reading time. I used to love reading the classics, so I’ll start with a list of 50 Classics that have been patiently waiting for me on our bookshelves…

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