Dewey’s Books Reading Challenge

My friend, Chris, at Stuff As Dreams Are Made On, came up with a lovely idea to honor the memory of Dewey, our blogging friend that passed away last week. His idea was to create a reading challenge and have participants visit Dewey’s blog to choose their books from her reviews. I’ve been over there in the last few days, spending time reading past posts, and appreciating her in a whole new way. And I thought about the footprints she left behind — her reading pathway — and wouldn’t it be nice to follow along in those footsteps for awhile…?

So when Chris made the comment on his blog that somebody should put together a Reading Challenge doing just that, I knew it had to happen. Chris is the perfect host for such an undertaking, and I will support him in any way I can. Dewey was a wonderful “idea person,” a passionate reader, and an inspirational community builder, and this Reading Challenge is a nice way to celebrate her literary life.

So visit our Dewey’s Books Reading Challenge blog, and think about joining us! Right now I’m going to spend some more time over at Dewey’s blog, and put together my own list of choices.

8 thoughts on “Dewey’s Books Reading Challenge

  1. Chris

    THanks again Robin for all your help so far (and all that is to come 😉 I honestly couldn’t have done this without you! I’ve been making all of my picks from Dewey’s blog and I’m up to 15 books :/ I meant to just pick 6. Her reviews were so wonderful though and I’m having such a nice time going through her archives.


  2. Ashley

    Wonderful idea. Just the thought of reading through her old posts is fun to me. She was such a great writer.

    Thanks for the post.


  3. Robin

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, Kristy and Ashley! I’m so glad your joining us for the Challenge. It will be nice to follow in Dewey’s footsteps for awhile and share our enjoyment of her books.



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