The Classics Club

I joined The Classics Club on March 7, 2017 and my goal is to read 50 classics in five years.

The Classics Club was started on March 7, 2012 by a blogger who wanted to see more people posting about classics literature in the blogosphere. Her goal was to, “unite those of us who like to blog about classic literature, as well as to inspire people to make the classics an integral part of life.” She thought about several ideas but finally settled on inviting people to make out a list of (at least 50) classic titles they intend to read and blog about within the next five years. 

My list is a mix of novels, short stories, and poetry, a combination of adult and children’s literature. My goal for completing these books is March 2022!  That sounds so far away, but I know that five years goes by in a flash. And what pleasurable reading years they will be!

My “Spin” books: