To Dance: A Ballerina’s Graphic Novel

I always wanted to be a ballet dancer, and took a lot of dance lessons as I was growing up. To Dance: A Ballerina’s Graphic Novel really captured my own childhood fascination with and love of ballet, as well as the need to move and fill up big spaces with dance! But this is the story of a passionate young girl who made her dream come true, and her amazing experiences in the ballet world as a young professional dancer! The author, Siena Cherson Siegel and her husband, Mark Siegel, collaborated on this book. It is a lovely little award-winning graphic novel for young readers that I’m going to order for my class library at school.

4 thoughts on “To Dance: A Ballerina’s Graphic Novel

  1. Kailana

    Being a ballerina is not something I ever even considered… I know a lot of people that did, though! I don’t even have any interest in watching the ballet, but that’s just me…


  2. Robin

    Kailana, it’s interesting for me as a teacher to see that most of my kids don’t care about ballet or dance, but those that do are passionate about it. I loved it as a child, but not enough to really pursue it. However, dance and movement have always been important to me, and I love to watch it. This little book captured the ballet world for those that love ballet.


  3. mark Siegel

    hi Kailana. When I worked on To Dance with Siena, we set out to make a book for anyone with a passion for art—any art. The truth is, I was pretty cold to ballet myself, but had to find a way in, in order to illustrate the book. But what I was really interested in was the underlying motif of staying true to one’s passion.



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