Robot Dreams

Robot Dreams, by Sara Varon, is a wordless graphic novel for children. Library Journal called it a “small, “simple” story of friendship and letting go…

…A dog purchases a robot kit so that he might have a friend to hang out with. The robot, a mellow type, enjoys hanging out with the dog, eating popcorn, watching movies, and going to the library. A trip to the beach, however, turns out to be a less than stellar idea when the robot goes swimming only to rust up and find that it can no longer move. The dog goes home for the night, intending to take the robot along later. Unfortunately, the beach is closed the next day and the poor robot is stuck on the sand, dreaming of things both good and bad. As the months go by, both robot and dog have their own small adventures, real and unreal. By the end, however, they each find new and separate companions. The last image in the book is of the robot seeing the dog with another robot, and understanding that this is a case when you’ve just got to let the person you love go.

This is another very nicely done graphic novel published by FirstSecond Books, a company with vision and a great place to start if you are just discovering the world of graphic novels. They are pulling in the best authors and artists, and their collaborative projects are terrific! I highly recommend spending some time on their web site!

Awards for Robot Dreams, by Sara Varon:

• A New York Public Library Book for Reading and Sharing
• A Publisher’s Weekly Best Book of the Year
• A Kirkus Review Best Children’s Book of the Year
• BCCB Blue Ribbon Title
• ALSC Notable Children’s Book
• YALSA Great Graphic Novel
• NYPL Book for the Teen Age
• An NCTE Notable Book in the Language Arts

“…unmistakably joyful.” —Kirkus

7 thoughts on “Robot Dreams

  1. Carl V.

    I read this last year, I believe, and thought is was quite fun. Somewhat sadder in spots than I had anticipated, but I really enjoyed it.


  2. Chris

    Oh I want to read this one so bad 😦 It’s on my list though! Which means I should get to it sometime in the next 50 years :p


  3. Robin

    Carl, I thought so, too — “sadder in spots than I had anticipated.”

    Chris, this is a fast read, and a fun one.


  4. Kailana

    This looks cute! And, well, there’s a dog. I am like obsessed with dogs in books lately! It’s weird! Off to see if the library has it!


  5. Nymeth

    I’ve had this on my wishlist since Carl’s review..thank you for reminding me of it, Robin! I love the FirstSecond Books website 🙂


  6. Robin

    Kailana, I’m glad you found it. It’s sweet and sad, about friendships lost and new ones made.

    Nymeth, I’ll be interested in what you think of it when you read it.



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