Back to Cornwall


I’ve been listening to the audiobook of the third volume of Susan Cooper’s, The Dark is Rising Sequence.  It’s called Greenwitch, and it’s back to Cornwall for the setting of this story. I’m enjoying this fantasy adventure, but I’m enjoying even more the descriptions of Cornwall!


So I went searching earlier in the week for information about and photos of Cornwall and discovered that there’s a British TV series filmed there. Don’t know why I hadn’t heard of it before..!  But since the first series is available for instant viewing on Netflix, I watched the first few episodes, and now am totally hooked on Doc Martin, starring Martin Clunes.  It’s a comedy about a London surgeon who (for personal reasons) relocates to the Cornish town of Portwenn (filmed in Port Isaac) and becomes the town’s GP. He’s a grumpy sort of person, and it’s definitely not easy adjusting to life in this little town. There are 3 series so far, and filming has just started on the 4th series, so I have lots of fun viewing ahead of me!  …And lots more of Cornwall to enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Back to Cornwall

  1. Tamara

    I’ve never been to Cornwell, although I’m sure my ancestors come from that way, or Wales.. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed the series Doc Martin, and the happenings of that small community. There’s certainly some characters in the story that make it addictive. I hope you enjoy.



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