Silver on the Tree


I finished Silver on the Tree, by Susan Cooper, a few weeks ago but have certainly taken a long time to write about it. This book, the last in The Dark is Rising Sequence, brought together all the different characters and storylines from the other books in the series in an exciting final conflict between the Dark and the Light.  It wasn’t my favorite book of the five, but it was a very satisfying conclusion to the series.

Listening to the audiobooks was an enjoyable experience for me, and all the way through I found myself asking why on earth I hadn’t read this series aloud to my son as he was growing up since we read just about everything else together!  What happened? How did we miss this one? I’m baffled.  At any rate, it would be a wonderful experience to share this 5-book series as a family read aloud or a family audiobook listen on a long road trip this summer!

Two of my blogging friends wrote very nice reviews and answered questions for each other about this book,  so I urge you to visit their blogs and read Nymeth’s and Susan’s discussion on Silver on the Tree.

I chose the Dark is Rising Sequence for Becky’s Arthurian Challenge, so with this book, I have officially finished this challenge. However, I’m sure I’ll continue to read and enjoy other Arthurian books before the year is up!

7 thoughts on “Silver on the Tree

  1. Shanra

    Of course now I’m curious which of the five was your favourite… ^-~ (I’m looking forward to midwinter at the set time where I can reread this.)

    I completely missed these books when I was a child and it is a big shame. I’d have loved to have grown up with these books. *rambles*


  2. Kailana

    I am still reviewing books from like March, so I think you are good! lol I think I might read this, too, for the Arthurian challenge. I keep saying it, but not actually cracking a spine.


  3. Robin Post author

    Shanra, I liked The Dark is Rising best, but also enjoyed Over Sea, Under Stone quite a bit, especially the descriptions of Cornwall, although it seems quite a few people don’t think that much of it.

    Nancy, I haven’t seen the movie, although I thought I might order in from Netflix. I’m curious about it…

    Kailana, it’s fun and lightweight — quick to read (even though I took a long time getting through it all).


  4. Rhinoa

    I am very behind on reviews for the last couple of months too if it makes you feel any better. I hope to read this seies soon as it has been getting great reviews. Congrats on finishing the challenge so quickly too.


  5. Robin Post author

    Rhinoa, yes, that does make me feel better. I got so far behind with my reviews that I’m afraid I’ll never catch up. Oh well… I did enjoy this series, although it wasn’t my favorite of all time (stiff competition there!). I didn’t intend to finish the Arthurian Challenge so quickly (I’m not finishing anything quickly!), but I got caught up in these books and realized they would fit. I still have a bunch of other Arthurian books I’d like to read before the year is up.



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