Odd and the Frost Giants

After my last few posts, I feel that I need to start this post by quoting Monty Python… “And now for something completely different..!”

It’s been a cold weekend in the Seattle area, and we’ve looked out the window on a beautiful, frosty landscape each morning.  At the library yesterday, I found Neil Gaiman’s, Odd and the Frost Giants, and today I read it in one sitting and loved it! It’s the perfect read for a frosty morning!  It really is one that could become a classic, and would be wonderful to read aloud as a family, or to a group of school kids (my 6th graders would have loved it!).  It’s filled with fun and humor, of course, and is my new favorite Neil Gaiman book…for the moment.

8 thoughts on “Odd and the Frost Giants

  1. Celia

    Okay, I’m completely there with you on the COLD. Down here in Federal Way we have a predicted high of 33 degrees. WHAT?!
    I’ve been meaning to read this one – Neil Gaiman never strikes out with me. Nice review!


  2. Robin Post author

    Brrrr, Celia!! It just seems to get colder and colder! I hope you’re staying warm at your place. You will love Odd when you get a chance to read it.

    You’ll love it, too, Kelly! I really didn’t know anything about it, but figured it would be fun since it was a Neil Gaiman. I didn’t expect to love it! Enjoy!



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