A Year of Shakespeare 2019

Rachel (@hibernatorslibrary) is putting together a challenge called “2019 Year of Shakespeare.” I love Shakespeare and would like to read more of his plays so I have signed up to participate. The challenge will run from January 1st – December 31st. There will be theme-based trimesters and you can choose which play you want to read during each trimester.

Also, for each play, I’d like to watch a film version and read a fictional retelling and/or a children’s version.  I will link up all my Shakespeare reading to this post, so please check back here occasionally during the year to see the progress I am making on this challenge. I will add a bulleted list of the different versions of each play that I read or listen to throughout this Challenge.

Jan – Apr:  Comedies  (I’m going to read The Winter’s Tale.)

May – Aug:   Histories  (I’m going to read Henry V.)

Sep – Dec:   Tragedies  (I’m going to read King Lear.)

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