Celebrating Black History Month

I’m very slow at posting about my February reading, but it was a wonderful reading month for me. Much of my reading was in celebration of Black History Month. I read some outstanding books by black authors, and my celebration of these writers will continue on and on, not just ending at the end of February. There are so many good books that I haven’t gotten to yet!

Here are the books I read for Black History Month. Some reviews will be coming soon.


4 thoughts on “Celebrating Black History Month

  1. iliana

    Robin you have such a great selection of books from non-fiction to children’s books. I only got a chance to read one book but definitely have many other books to look forward to this year.

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    1. Robin Post author

      Thanks, Iliana. You know well, I’m sure, that I do love reading children’s and YA books right along with my “grown-up” reading. It feeds my inner child!😉



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