A Man and His Cat

My first book read in 2022 was a manga/graphic novel called A Man & His Cat, by Umi Sakurai. It is a story about a lonely widower who adopts a cat and of all the changes that happen because of that new relationship. It was delightful!  A gentle, sweet story that warmed my heart was the perfect beginning for 2022!

And then I discovered that it is the first in a series of six books — oh joy! — so I’m off to the library to find the other volumes!

I read this book as part of Dolce Bellezza’s Japanese Literature #15 challenge.


6 thoughts on “A Man and His Cat

  1. Bellezza

    I love your enthusiasm and joy for this! I have found (give me enough time, I’ll figure it out!) that the Japanese are so very fond of cats, and I have become that way myself. My son’s girlfriend gave him a kitten in 2009, and I have grown so attached to her that although he has moved out, she has stayed. I’m going to look for this series, because of your joy, but also because of the theme. Thank you for bringing it to my attention! xo

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    1. Robin Post author

      Meredith, it is such a sweet series! My library has the first 4 volumes, with the 5th coming out soon. The 6th one hasn’t been released in the states yet, but I’ll read it whenever it is released! Enjoy!



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