Do I post this quote every year? Probably, but I love it because it says exactly what I feel. Fall is here again and the colors around me are beginning to change. I do love Autumn!

8 thoughts on “Octobers

  1. Lesley

    I’m never ready to say goodbye to summer, but I do enjoy autumn, especially when we get to see the leaves turn as we drive over to Salem and Corvallis. That’s a great quote, Robin. You may share it every year, as far as I’m concerned. 🙂 xo

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  2. Nan

    Me, too! Though I find that really I love every season as it is. Each one makes me happy in a different way. The foliage in fall though is a little miracle, equal to the flowers and green that come in spring. And then there is that fullness of summer, and my beloved snow in winter. I could never choose.



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