2023 With George Eliot

It’s been many years since I read any of George Eliot’s books, but I remember how much I liked  them. Especially The Mill on the Floss, which I particularly loved when I read it in high school! So when I learned that Nick Senger was going to do his “2023 Chapter-a-Day Read-Along” with a year of reading six of George Eliot’s novels, I couldn’t resist. I can read a chapter a day for a year! So that’s my plan! Click here to read about how this fun challenge works. Maybe you would like to join us?

The Six Books We Will Be Reading:

  1. Adam Bede: January 1 to February 24 – KindleGutenbergLibrivox
  2. The Mill on the Floss: February 25 to April 23 – KindleGutenbergLibrivox
  3. Silas Marner: April 24 to May 14 – KindleGutenbergLibrivox
  4. Romola: May 15 to July 26 – KindleGutenbergLibrivox
  5. Middlemarch: July 27 to October 22 – KindleGutenbergLibrivox
  6. Daniel Deronda: October 23 to December 31 – KindleGutenbergLibrivox

4 thoughts on “2023 With George Eliot

  1. Fanda Classiclit

    I have considered participating on the Middlemarch only, but decided to pass. I don’t think I’m ready for the commitment. Plus, I have my own reading pace, and am not good in following certain time frame. But, good luck with your read-along, and have fun! 🙂

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