Summer’s End


My classroom is ready (well, almost), and my week-long teacher meetings start first thing in the morning, so this evening I am facing Summer’s end full in the face. It’s been a lovely summer, and even though I’m excited to start another school year and meet a new group of brand-new second graders next week, I’m sad to part with the freedom and calm of my summer days.  So last week, in quiet celebration of such a lovely summer, my daughter and I returned three different times to a bench overlooking the Puget Sound, and sat there soaking up the summer sunshine and watching the ferries come and go, and come and go.

Best wishes to all my teacher blogger friends out there!

(Les…yes, it’s the Edmonds-Kingston ferry!)

8 thoughts on “Summer’s End

  1. Kristen M.

    Beautiful! Luckily we get one more week (on the student end!) and then we send the little guy to kindergarten. It’s been a fantastic summer here, even with the heat.

    Have a great back-to-school week.


  2. Robin Post author

    Thanks, Kristen! How fun that the little guy is starting kindergarten. He’ll love it. All my best wishes for his first day of school in another week.


  3. Bellezza

    See?! I felt exactly the same way as you: excited to meet the new children, sad that freedom is way diminished. It’s so neat that we’ve taught for just about the same number of years; I feel so much in common with you, Robin. Have a wonderful, wonderful day and year to come!


  4. Nan

    Not a teacher, but a teacher’s wife. I think the thing I look forward to most about Tom retiring (which won’t be for a long time) is a different view of August and September.


  5. Les in NE

    No! Say it isn’t so! I don’t want summer to end. I’ve only been out in my kayak once this year. I’ve only been to the pool three times. I’ve only ridden my bike twice.

    Summer won’t end (for me) until our visit to the beach this week. We get to go see our granddaughter (a second-grader!) on Thursday. Looking forward to lots of fun at the beach and pool!

    I love this photo, Robin. The clouds are gorgeous! And, hey, I know someone who lives in Kingston! I wonder if they ride that ferry back and forth when they go to Seattle.

    Hope you had a wonderful first day back. Second-graders are so much fun!


  6. Robin Post author

    Thanks, Bellezza. I hope you have a wonderful year, too. I can’t wait to meet this new group of kiddos on Tuesday!

    Nan, I love how you put that: a different look at August and September. That’s something I’m looking forward to someday, too! I’d love to have the freedom in September or October to drive through the Northeast and soak up the colors! That’s been a dream for a long time…

    Stacy, it was a delightful shared time with my daughter, and I think soaking up all that warmth and beauty will last a long time for me.

    Thanks, Les. How fun to have a second grader in the family! I hope she has a wonderful year!

    Thanks, Cath. It was such a great spot to sit and watch the beauty and all the activity. “Serene” was exactly the feeling…



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