Virtual Advent Blog Tour: December Celebrations

As many of you know, I teach second grade. Each month of the school year, my students memorize a poem and recite it to the class (or to me alone, if they’re too shy).  Poetry is a very important part of my life, (my grandmother was a poet), so sharing poems and listening to 7 and 8 year olds reciting them is a joyful part of my job.  My students are busy practicing our December poem, and working on art projects that celebrate light during this cold and dark month.

So I want to share with you a little of their art, and our December poem, and wish each and every one of you a very happy and healthy holiday season.

December Celebrations!

Every year at just this time,

In cold and dark December,

Families around the world,

All gather to remember.

With presents and with parties,

With feasting and with fun.

Customs and traditions,

For people old and young.

So every year around the world,

In all lands and all nations,

People of all ages love,

December Celebrations!

(by Helen H. Moore)

Holiday mandalas...

This post is part of the 2009 Virtual Advent Blog Tour, organized by Kelly and Marg (many thanks, ladies!). Click on the button below to find the Advent schedule and links to each of the participating blogs. Enjoy!

24 thoughts on “Virtual Advent Blog Tour: December Celebrations

  1. kiirstin

    What a sweet poem! And what a great idea for your class, to teach them one poem a month. I love it. The art is really lovely, too — looks like one of those fail-safe projects, that looks great no matter who does it, which I am always on the look-out for…


  2. Krissi

    What a fun teaching activity. I love when one activity includes another. The poem is beautiful and the artwork the kids have done is impressive. Happy Holidays.


  3. Julia Smith

    ‘So every year around the world,
    In all lands and all nations,
    People of all ages love,
    December Celebrations!’

    Absolutely lovely. I wish I could hear all the little voices reciting this!


  4. Susan

    Thank you for this lovely post, Robin! I love the mandalas, they are beautiful. The poem is so lovely I’m going to copy it and see if I can get my daughter to read it – she has to practise her reading, we’ve been told. Happy Holidays!


  5. Amy

    This poem is terrific! It says just what December & the holidays are all about, friends, feasting, fun & love. The artwork is beautiful, I love the colors, they are so vibrant, fun & celebratory! They truly light up the dark days.
    Happy Holidays Robin =o)

    ~ Amy


  6. Robin Post author

    Thanks, Molly. It’s a poem I never get tired of.

    Thanks, Chris!

    Thanks for your kind words, Badkitty.

    Thanks, Kiirsten. I remember memorizing and reciting poetry when I was little, and loving it. Many of those poems are still with me, so I’m hoping the same thing will happen with my students.

    Thanks, Krissy! Happy holidays to you, too.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, too, Melissa!

    Thanks, Jenn. Most of them are enjoying learning these poems. They ALL have been successful with memorizing and reciting them, and many of them want to recite them in front of the class. And this is a class that loves to do the art…

    Thanks, Meryl. It is a sweet poem.

    Julia, it is so sweet in their voices.

    Thanks, Nan. I love this poem, too, although my favorite of the entire year is the January poem…check back in January!

    Thanks, Lisa. I haven’t posted any of the other poems, but check back in January for a post about that poem. It’s a special one.

    Thanks, Jo. A very happy holiday season to you, too.

    Sprite, you’d get a big kick out of hearing them recite it. Some are very singsong, but others are just amazing in the amount of expression they put into their recitations! They lose more of the singsong when they gain confidence over the year.

    Thanks, Aarti. You’re absolutely right…it is a pc poem–we try to be so sensitive to all the different ways of celebrating during this season, and this little poem does that very well.

    Thanks so much for organizing and co-hosting the Advent Tour, Kelly! It’s wonderful to read all the different posts.

    Thanks, Les. We are enjoying ourselves in the classroom right now…sharing lots of books, lots of art, and lots of poetry. (Oh dear, we enjoy all the other things, too!)

    Thanks, Daphne! Happy holidays to you, too!

    Thanks, Chris. I have to say it again…I love what 2nd graders can do.

    Thanks, Mom!

    Thanks, Susan. I love those mandalas, too, and the poem has become a favorite. I hope your daughter enjoys reading it, and perhaps even memorizing it. How old is she?

    Thanks, Amy…I agree! It says it all. Happy holidays to you, too.


  7. Louise

    I loved the poem and the mantalas. I actually almost want to make some myself 😉 Although, as I’ve said many times before, I am probably the least crafty person I know. LOL. Thanks for sharing with us, its always great fun to do the Virtual Advent tours!



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