Not My Father’s Son, A Memoir


Alan Cumming’s memoir, Not My Father’s Son, is an important book. Mr. Cumming grew up with a cruel and abusive father, certainly a difficult subject to write about, and one that is often difficult to read. But he wrote it with honesty, courage, compassion, and fairness. And as I listened to the audiobook, which he narrated himself, I found myself admiring Alan Cumming more and more for the way he has dealt with such a dark childhood. He is a good, caring, and sensitive human being, (as well as a gifted actor!) and I appreciate him for sharing his difficult story with the world.

4 thoughts on “Not My Father’s Son, A Memoir

  1. Tabor

    I saw the interview about his book. He was most composed but true. I have always been attracted by his charisma not matter what role he plays. He is charming and quirky and one of my favorite actors.


  2. Robin Post author

    Kristen, it’s a tough subject, but not a difficult book to read. He tells his story in such a way that you are reassured throughout that he’s okay and was able to survive the darkness of his childhood. It’s well worth reading and a fascinating glimpse into why he became an artist.

    Tabor, I would love to see an interview with him. I was really glad I listened to the book. He’s definitely one of my favorite actors, too!

    Nan, I’ll have to search for an interview with him. I’d love to hear what he has to say about the book. I felt it was a very positive book overall.



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