She lives in my heart and mind…

My mother’s Celebration of Life was held last Saturday and it was lovely. It turned out to be a perfect day weather-wise and the location in the Rose House at Red Butte Garden, looking out at the Rose Garden and my father’s memorial bench, was perfect, as well. My three brothers and I each spoke about her, and one of my sisters-in-law read some of my grandmother’s poetry. My oldest brother played “Amazing Grace” on his alto flute, and then we all visited with many friends and cousins, enjoying the beauty of the Garden, and saying goodbye, each in our own way, to this beautiful, amazing woman.  She wrote the words in the caption to the photo below, words about her own mother. They say it so well for me, too!

“She lives in my heart and mind. Not always consciously, but she is so much a part of me that I can feel her with me always…”

I’ve shared a lot with you about my mother and recently about losing her. She was an integral part of this blog right from the beginning in 2007, was my focused audience for much of my writing, and was also a contributor with her own book reviews. It was another way for us to share our passion for reading with each other, and with you. I still have things she wrote in the last few years with this blog in mind, so I will continue to occasionally post about her and share those book responses as I return to my full-time blogging.

You have all been so kind in your thoughts and comments to me during this time of loss and mourning and celebration of a life well-lived, and I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


10 thoughts on “She lives in my heart and mind…

  1. sachsandrea

    How fortunate you were to have such a loving, close relationship with your mom. And she’ll never really leave you as long as you have all those memories.

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    1. Robin Post author

      Les, I am so thrilled with the way the Celebration turned out. It was a perfect day, perfect location, wonderful guests, and everything worked out so nicely. It will warm my heart for a long time.


  2. Kay

    What wonderful memories you’ll have! So glad to hear the Celebration went well and you got to spend great time with family and friends. I love the words you included below the picture – those speak to my heart and describe how I feel about my own mother – she’s still with me – she always will be. Big hugs, Robin, and I’ll be checking in with you in a week or two regarding what we talked about – the ‘virtual book club’ read in honor and memory of your Mom. Get out the lists and start looking! Ha! Something older and precious to her perhaps.

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  3. Robin Post author

    Thank you, dear Kay. Doing a read in her honor is such a lovely idea.I’m going through her book lists now and searching for a special one that meant a lot to her. Hugs!


  4. iliana

    The Celebration sounded so special. I love the words you’ve shared with us and the picture. So lovely. We lost my grandma four years ago and I know my mom misses her dearly every day. Thinking of you!

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