January Shakespeare Update

…painting by James Christensen

The 2019 A Year of Shakespeare, hosted by Rachel (@ Hibernator’s Library) is underway. I am participating by reading three of Shakespeare’s plays this year. The one I have started with is The Winter’s Tale, which is completely new to me. My plan is to read numerous “retellings” of the story so I am familiar with it. Then I will read the play and listen to an audiobook version. Also, if I can find an available copy, I’d like to watch a film version. And, of course, I would love to see a live performance of it, too, but I don’t know what my chances are of that!

So far in January, I have read five different retellings of the story, and enjoyed each one.

I loved Edith Nesbitt’s retelling, and highly recommend her book, The Best of Shakespeare. I also loved the Charles and Mary Lamb version. Bruce Coville’s retelling was in picture book form and had lovely illustrations.

After reading those retellings, I started listening to the audiobook performance but found it was hard to tell which characters were speaking. I hadn’t picked up a print version of the play yet, so I stopped listening until I get the book and  can do both at once.

I made a lot of progress with this part of the Challenge in January, and I’m enjoying getting to know Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale!

…painting by James Christensen. Antigonus abandoning the royal baby, Perdita, on the Bohemian coast!



2 thoughts on “January Shakespeare Update

  1. hibernatorslibrary

    Oh, reading so many retellings is probably a lot of fun! I didn’t know Bruce Coville wrote one. I loved his My Teacher is an Alien series when I was a child. I wish I had time to read a bunch of retellings, but I’m focusing on plays where I can watch the movie/play first and then read the play. Though I would like to read Margaret Atwood’s book!

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    1. Robin Post author

      Thanks, Rachel. I do enjoy the retellings. It builds my familiarity with the play before reading it. I’ve found a dvd of the play so we’re going to watch that soon. Then I’ll read the play and listen to the audiobook. I also found a fictional retelling that I would like to read in March. It’s such a fun learning process! Thank you for putting this challenge together for this year (especially considering how busy your life is right now!). It’s great motivation for expanding my Shakespeare horizons!



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