I Cherish: Beautiful Autumn Days

Byron at the wetlands…

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful Autumn day. After our recent rainy spell, it was so nice to be able to get out and enjoy the sunshine and fall colors. Byron felt up to a walk with the aid of his cane (didn’t need his walker!), so we headed for Fern Hill Wetlands to enjoy watching all the wildlife and soak in the colors of a lovely autumn day. A cherished time together!

8 thoughts on “I Cherish: Beautiful Autumn Days

    1. Robin Post author

      Dear Nan, I wish we lived closer, too, and I’d give you a big hug for your kindness and compassion and your tears. We, too, are so grateful for days like this. They are absolutely the best medicine there is!

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  1. kaysreadinglife

    So beautiful, Robin! Love the pictures and I’m very happy that both you and Byron got to go for that walk. Always keeping you both in my prayers. Always. Plus, great header photo – spooky indeed! LOL

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