A Birthday Celebration

Today our family is celebrating Byron’s 74th birthday. There is chocolate cake and lots of laughter. I reminded him that he told me early in our relationship that he didn’t think he would live to be 30 years old (not an unusual statement from a man facing the draft during the Vietnam War). We will pamper him all day, make his favorite dinner for him this evening, and let him know in as many ways as possible that he is so dearly special to all of us. A happy day!

18 thoughts on “A Birthday Celebration

    1. Robin Post author

      Thank you, Marlo, we will keep celebrating! Our birthdays are all clumped up — one in October, November, two in December, and mine in January — so we just keep on celebrating! It makes for a fun holiday season.

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  1. kaysreadinglife

    Wishing Byron a very, very happy birthday! Love the picture and hope you all have a great time! Plus that fall color picture in your header is stunning. Love it! Big hugs to you, Robin!

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