Sunday Stroll

My friend, Nan (Letters From a Hill Farm) has been posting about her Sunday strolls recently, and I’ve loved reading about them. The Sunday Strolls were actually started by Aisling, at The Quiet Country House blog, and everyone is invited to participate and share photos of their gardens and their walks. Both blogs are lovely, and I especially enjoy visiting them every week to read about their Sunday strolls.

B and I spent this weekend in Portland, Oregon, visiting the Grandboy (we hadn’t seen him for 6 weeks!). It was a lovely weekend, and included a wonderful Sunday Stroll today past beautiful homes and gardens and a farmer’s market, so I wanted to share some photos from that walk around Portland with our favorite little person.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Stroll

  1. Aisling

    Robin, Thank you for joining our stroll. It’s so nice to meet another gardener. Portland looks lovely right now. I especially loved the glimpse of the fresh market and your very sweet grandson.

    I hope you will stroll again next week. 🙂


  2. Bellezza

    I think a Sunday Stroll is such a lovely idea, and one I always used to do with my family as a child. I guess we continue that tradition now in my own home, but our world has become so fast I need to take the time to contemplate the beauty of the walk as you did. Your little grandboy is just wonderful!

    (Don’t you find your blog a bit of a scrapbook of sorts? It’s fun to look back over the pictures to me.)


  3. Robin

    Thanks, Cath! It was a lovely weekend!

    Thanks, Aisling. Portland really is lovely, as is Seattle right now. And we’ve had a very mild, dry summer so far, which has been particularly nice! I’ll definitely stroll again!

    I do a lot of walking, but haven’t done an official “Sunday Stroll” in a long time, so it was nice to take the camera along when we strolled this weekend with the Grandboy.
    And I agree that the blog has become a nice kind of scrapbook. Looking back in the “scrapbook,” I realized that I did a post a year ago called “Portland Rose”, and included a photo of a beautiful rose on the same rosebush in the photo from yesterday!


  4. Tara

    I love the photos! I visited Portland once and thought it was the most beautiful city. It’s a bit of a dream place to live, for me.


  5. Robin

    Thanks, Tara. We love Portland, and it’s a bit of a dream place for us to live, too… Someday! We love our visits there, and it’s a wonderful place to raise children (or to have our grandchild growing up there).


  6. Nan

    A beautiful boy, and a beautiful walk! I’m so glad you strolled. It’s a great idea that Aisling had and I love to see more and more people participating.



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